1. You must be 18 or older
2. You have to be a seriously fun wine loving person


Living in the #valleyofchampions, we are remarkably privileged to have a number of award winning wine farms on our doorstep. Sadly though, as we all have such busy schedules, we don’t have the time to experience what our Route has to offer.

For this purpose, the Worcester Wine and Olive Route has created a monthly wine tasting event. Once a month, seriously fun wine loving friends, meet and sample what our beautiful valley has to offer.

We like to mix things a little, to make it fun and exciting. Sometimes we may do blind tasting, other times it may be hosted by one of our cellars, other times,


we may choose to make it more personal and intimate and get together at someone’s home. Whatever the occasion, we do assure you that your love and knowledge of wine can only grow.

 The Worcester Wine and Olive Route, wants people to responsibly enjoy the evening… to relax… to have fun and more importantly to learn more about our unique wines and what this gorgeous region has to offer.

If you are a seriously fun wine loving person and want to meet more seriously fun wine loving people, then join the Worcester Wine Tasting Club now.