Winetech Study Groups – Top Achievers For 2018

The Winetech study groups make a considerable contribution in the transfer of knowledge to cellar assistants in the South African wine industry. The Winetech study groups are endorsed by industry organisations such as the Cape Winemakers Guild and Shiraz SA and aim to address development and the transfer of knowledge in a holistic and practical manner through closer collaboration with cellars.
There is a serious need for the development of practical as well as general knowledge of cellar assistants, which should add value to their careers. The aim of the Winetech study groups is to broaden knowledge and to increase productivity.

The content for the 2018 Winetech study groups included topics such as cellar hygiene, the stabilisation of wine and why it is important to the consumer, as well as bottling and the packaging of wine. A short evaluation took place after each study group and the average mark achieved by each of the participants determined the top 10 achievers for 2018. The highest average score achieved this year was 96.5%.

A huge and hearty congratulations to Marquin Windvogel from de Doorns Wine Cellar for being one of the Top 10 Achievers for this year’s WineTech 2018 Study Group. We here at the Worcester Wine Route wishes you all the success going forward.

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